Hatching Inside The Womb

by Bleach Birth

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    3 songs from the CVLT Nation "Walk Among Us" sessions.
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released February 23, 2018




Bleach Birth Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Butterfly
I've never been to New York City
Never stepped foot in L.A.
I don't give a shit
About what you think I am missing
I hate the big city
Humanity in defeat
Neon lights honking horns
Concrete hell
Crowded streets in a hurry
Everyone glued to their phone
Don't fucking talk to me
Please leave me alone
Bury me in the hills of North Carolina
Track Name: Lullaby
All there is to life is to suffer
To endure the pain of life until death
We suffer in agonizing pain
We die an agonizing death
Track Name: Irresistible Impulse
I love my children... but god demanded they be sacrificed
You'll have to excuse my actions
You'll have to forgive my sins
I'm not liable for these crimes
I'm just carrying out gods will
I stabbed my daughter not once or twice
60 times to be suffice
Then I set her corpse ablaze
God told me it was ok
Since I met the blessed savior
Since he's cleansed and made me whole
I cut the arms off my baby girl
And the joy that floods my soul
Well when god spoke down to me
He said to protect from satan's wrath
I must wash all 5 of my kids
And then drown them in the bath
I wanted my baby boys to go to heaven
And join gods flock
I took them out behind the house
And beat them with a rock
Whoops... one survived
Track Name: Chased By The Nazis
It's not just paranoia
They're closing in on me
They used to lurk in the shadows
And now they're roaming free
I'm being chased by the nazis
They're closing in on me
They were defeated in the 40's
Thought we stomped out their disease
Now they're wearing badges holding office
Now we're being hunted by the nazis
Track Name: Glitter
I don't know the time or day
What does it matter anyway
(I don't recall)
These fleeting seconds said to covet
But I don't comprehend
I know there won't always be another
But if there is it'll be the same
As the one that just passed
How long do we celebrate
A stagnant existence
I was worthless yesterday
Hopeless tomorrow
Life cycle
Track Name: Honey
They wanna know why i bother penning this nonsense
Why i poorly strum the same 3 chords
They wanna know why i unyieldingly hit record
They wanna know why i try
Because everything in this world belongs to you
But this belongs to me
They wanna know why i exist in isolation
Withdrawn from touch
They wanna know why i've retreated from their flock
They wanna know why i remain anonymous
Because everything in this world exists for you
But this exists for me
Track Name: Rot Remains
Dust on barren beach
Drown me in your crimson fate
I want to ease you the pain
Of the disease of me
But i'd just haunt you
In my afterlife obsession
My voice yells lifeless
Distract my brain with substances
Momentarily entertained
But the rot remains
The weigh atop my chest
Is the boot upon my throat
With each day darker
Heavier darker still
Failure is in all of me
Track Name: Dreamlover
Antiquated convictions
Persisted by obsolete fools
Guarding their ruins
Protecting their fortunes
We will be free of your prejudice
We will break the cycle
Misleading the population
With pestilent propaganda
Welcome is the hand of death
Upon the heart of their generation
Track Name: Rainbow
Enclosed by rot and wrought iron
From the oppressive heat
Theres no escape
A rotting fragrance
Occupies the air
Wet with shit and piss and sweat
Here there is no distinction
Between the living, the dying, the dead
Here we are meant to be
Track Name: Fantasy
Author and actor
Stage without audience
Useless transmission
Free of accolade or acclaim
I forgot my cue
I can't remember my line
I can't seem to find my mind
Accomplishment void
Perpetual defeat
Still performing
To an asinine beat
Pull my string
I'll dance for you
Toss a penny in cup
Forget we ever met
Track Name: Savior
Savior save yourself
Forgiver forgive yourself
Disgusting leaches
Trading life for power and profit
Horrid zealot homogenize
With your worship you crucify respect
With your dollar you purchase debt
Watcher watch yourself
Fucker go fuck yourself
With your greedy tongue you starve the poor
With your freedom you start another war
Track Name: Depths Of Man
Civilization in decadent dissolve
Where every life is dust in a cloud
In the depths of all men
Lie dormant a feral animal
In the depths of all men
A setting sun in shallow grave
Distant and disintegrating
Vanishing without resolve
On abandoned rock
My lips parched
Birth a smile for the first time
Track Name: Latex Clouds
Cloak the sun
Milk the poppy
Fill my head with latex clouds
Sink into the earth
Spiral in reverse
Paralyzed by pleasure
Cradled by the night
Distant candlelight
Weightless but anchored to the sea floor
Melting time poppy dreams
Poppy time melting me
Track Name: Blind Eye
I see war and oppression
Poverty and famine
I see man made disaster
I see state sponsored torture
How do you remain unaffected?
Blind eye guilt hide
How pleasant it must be
To never leave your comfort
Never deviate from your luxury
See the world around you
Suffer and spoil
And remain unaffected
With your perfect husband
With your perfect wife
With your perfect children
With your perfect life
With your perfect body
With your perfect job
With your perfect home
With your perfect god
Track Name: Snowflakes
Gotta conquer this depression
Both feet in my grave
I need you to get me out of this shit
I need you to make me sane
Now it's snowing all around me
Icicles in my brain
Bleach out my memory
Bleach out my pain

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